I am trying to purchase a live online class for my child, but when I click the “Add to Cart” button and try to check out, it tells me I need to choose a profile for this class. What does this mean?

Jeff Montgomery -

CurrClick Live, our learning management system attaches the classes you purchase to specific student profiles. This allows you to enroll you children in classes they can access from their own CurrClick Live profile. When you purchase a class, you have the opportunity to choose which student profiles you want enrolled in that particular class. Simply select those profiles from the drop down menu. When you select a profile, another drop down menu box will appear allowing you to enroll multiple students into the same class at once. Once you have selected all the students you want to enroll, you can complete your check out process.

If you have not yet set up your student profiles, please be sure to watch our tutorial video Setting Up Your Student Profiles when it becomes available.

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