Live Class Student Profiles

Jeff Montgomery -

You will need to set up a Live Class Student Profile for each student that you want to enroll in classes. In order to create a student profile just log into your account and then click on the "Account" tab from the top right of the page. On the next page, under the "My Classes and Clubs" section please click on the link to "Manage my children's student profiles." From there you click on Add A Profile and then fill in the information on the next page and hit continue. Do this for each student that will be taking classes.

CurrClick Live, our learning management system attaches the classes you purchase to specific student profiles.  This allows you to enroll you children in classes they can access from their own CurrClick Live profile.  When you purchase a class, you have the opportunity to choose which student profiles you want enrolled in that particular class.  Simply select those profiles from the drop down menu.  When you select a profile, another drop down menu box will appear allowing you to enroll multiple students into the same class at once.  Once you have selected all the students you want to enroll, you can complete your check out process.

 You can view a video tutorial about setting up student profiles here:

Also, we have a recorded student orientation that provides a lot of helpful information. You can find that recording at this link:


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