Why should I buy eBooks

Jeff Montgomery -

There are many great reasons to buy ebooks. One very attractive feature is that in most cases they're cheaper than their printed counterparts, and in some cases they're much cheaper. When you buy an ebook, you download it immediately -- you don't have to pay shipping and handling costs, and you get it immediately.

With most ebooks, you also have the ability to copy and paste text, and you can instantly search the text to track information that you can't remember. Ebooks are easier to carry around than printed books -- if you have a laptop, or compatible mobile device, you could have hundreds of products at your fingertips wherever you go. Since ebooks aren't printed on paper, you're also saving trees by using them. If you need a certain section of a product printed out for quick reference, you can just print out that specific section. And because ebooks aren't printed, out of print titles can be offered indefinitely in this format, so you don't have to outbid others on an online auction site to get that out of print book that you want.

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