What are eBooks?

Jeff Montgomery -

An ebook is a book in electronic format (usually a PDF file) that can be read on your computer or portable reader. Ebooks can be read directly from your computer screen and most can be printed if you prefer paper. The ability to print individual pages or to print multiple copies makes ebooks very cost efficient compared to using a printed version of the same book. Our ebooks have all the content of their printed counterparts, including graphics and cover images and are reproduced in full color. The text size on ebooks can be adjusted to suit most any need through the Adobe Reader settings.

Our ebooks are generally text searchable, which can drastically reduce research time. You can move your files from one computer to another as well as being able to back them up to CDs, DVDs, or external hard drives. The files are typically small files so they don't take up much room on your computer's hard drive. The ebooks on CurrClick are mainly original electronic copies, but some are simply the actual books that we have scanned and put together into PDF format.

While most of our download files are in PDF format (usable by any computer with an updated copy of the free Adobe Reader program, we also have some products which are available in Microsoft Reader LIT format, and Palm's PDB, as well as some video and MP3 audio formats.

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