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Roni Bergerson

Roni Bergerson is a veteran homeschooler who has spent the last 13 years educating her two sons, one gifted and one special needs. Together with her husband, they started their homeschool journey in 2002 when their oldest son was just two years of age. Although in the early childhood program of the school district for his special needs, they remained unsatisfied with the quality of care he was receiving. The end of his enrollment in the program signaled the start of another journey. Their second son was also born with special needs in 2003 and has been homeschooled his entire life.  She spent the early years of their lives focused solely on homeschooling. However, in 2010, she brought her company to CurrClick.com under the publisher name Eastern Wind Academy.  Shortly thereafter, a call was put out for live club ideas.  Roni approached CurrClick with her idea and the LEGO Club for Homeschoolers was born.  As time went on, she was offered an opportunity to work behind the scenes - an offer she happily accepted.  Currently, Roni works in Publisher and Teacher Support and coordinating of live classes.  She also works in customer service, tech support and other areas as needed.  You can also find her working under her publishers Eastern Wind Academy and, her newer publisher, Outside the Brick, which offers learning materials geared toward LEGO® bricks and elements.


Jimmie Lanley 

Jimmie Lanley is a homeschool mom to one creative teen. As a public school teacher for many years, she never considered the possibility of homeschooling. But when her family moved abroad, homeschooling turned out to be the the only option that provided both an excellent education and the flexibility to travel.

It was when she lived abroad, isolated from all other homeschoolers, that she  egan blogging as an outlet and a way to connect with the  international homeschool community. Homeschool blogging was the culmination of many  passions: a love of writing, an interest in photography, a background in education, and a fascination with the Internet. Her first blog is Jimmie's Collage where readers get a peek into her homeschool experience. After she became enamoured with notebooking, she created a second blog The Notebooking Fairy, filled with how tos and printables plus a touch of pixie dust.

Eventually Jimmie found herself back in America, working from home while still homeschooling her teen. Her background in education and her hands-on experience with social media merged in the creation of iHomeschool Network and a career as a freelance consultant and contractor.

Jimmie serves CurrClick in the arena of social media marketing.

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