About CurrClick

Jeff Montgomery -

CurrClick was Cofounded by Staley Krause and Leah Nieman in 2005. These 2 homeschool moms from Central Illinois met in the middle of the day. Both had daughters who were clearly "school age". They struck up a conversation that went along the lines of "Do you homeschool?" The 2 quickly became friends. In 2005 they saw the need for a niche website that would sell curriculum to homeschool families as digital downloads. CurrClick.com was born.

Staley and Leah have now both successfully raised their kids. Their homeschool journey is over, but their love of family and the homeschool community remains strong. Staley is now the manager for her son’s band, The Way Down Wanderers. Leah is active in homeschool and parenting communities where she speaks and writes about technology, social media, and families.

CurrClick has served thousands of homeschool families around the world, connecting them to the resources produced by hundreds of curriculum publishers and authors.

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